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Cougar dating

Is Cougars69.com a good cougar dating site for young men and mature women?



Finding older birds online isn't as easy as you'd think. Hookup dating sites that focus on cougars help a lot, but how do you know which is best? Our UK reviews team gave Cougars69.com a go...

Is Cougars69.co.uk the best place to find older women online? 

If you're a younger guy (or “cub”, to use the slightly Americanised lingo) that prefers the sophisticated older MILF to the clueless younger bird, then you will know that getting the type of lady you're into is never simple. You rarely find an older bird clubbing, you don't find them down the local pub unless they have a husband and everywhere else they are usually out with their kids. So where are you supposed to chat with cougars in order to arrange the saucy sex session you've been dreaming of?

Cougar Dating Is Becoming More Popular 

Well, have no fear! A new trend has taken hold and there are now countless  Cougar dating sites popping up faster than your schlong during the Stifler's Mom scenes in American Pie (mmmm, warm apple pie!). These sites are surprisingly busy too and it does make sense if you think about it. Our desirable MILFs aren't interested in getting smashed down your local and making a fool of themselves, most of them are mothers or strong career women. Nope, they're online, typing away at their keyboard with painted nails while holding a glass of wine in their spare hand, desperately seeking a strapping young man to boost their confidence... and their sex lives.

So now that we've established where all the older birds are hiding, the next question is just as tricky; which UK MILF site gives you the best chance to shag a cougar tonight? There are lots out there, as mentioned, so we decided to try a few. Today our UK cougar site review squad look at Cougars69.com (or Cougars69.co.uk) one of the earliest MILF sex sites to hit the UK and we're pleased to report it's still going strong. After using the quick registration form we got inside and checked out the free trial before opting to go for a paid membership since the cost was a lot lower than expected.

First things first, if you think you're going to join up and be in bed with Mel Sykes or Cat Deeley within a week, then think again, guys. Hookup sites of any kind take a bit of time and effort, and it's the same here. Yes, if you meet a horny cougar online then your chances of banging her are higher than if you meet a sex shy student on a relationships site, for sure. But still, there's competition and you have to rise above the rest in order to get the MILFs on Cougars69.com to agree to meet up. This, for whatever reason, can take a bit of time. But as long as you're chatting up a few at once then that time is a cougariffic investment that will pay off in dynamic sex – remember, these women are experienced and know exactly what you're looking for.

Cougars69 is part of a group of brands and as mentioned, they've been around for years and know a thing or two about hooking horny singles up together. The search process is easy as American pie and in all the cities our reviewers tested Cougars69.com (London, Cardiff, Newcastle, Glasgow, Belfast, York), they were impressed by the number of genuine active women over 35 that were online looking for naughty, flirty fun. 

Is Cougars69.com A Good Option To Meet Older Women and Younger Men?

Once you run a search and see a few cougars in your area that you'd like to chat with, you have the choice to upgrade for a few quid and that gives you at least a month to set up sex with the older women that you fancy. Communication is easy and you can use the site on any device – we recommend sending messages on your morning commute to work and checking replies every lunchtime, giving you the evenings free for hot MILF action!

Aside from small aesthetic issues, there really aren't a lot of negatives as far as Cougars69.com is concerned. If you're into horny cougars, then you're more likely to find them here than on other sites, in our opinion. All that's left to do now is try it out and see if you have any cougars or MILFs waiting nearby. If so, you might just be in luck!

Remember all you horny young men, the best way to get your rocks off through online dating is to join several casual hookup sites together and put in some serious effort. One night stands and fuck buddies don't grow on trees you know, so put in the time to try various sites and you'll boost your chances considerably!

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