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Gay Dating Review 2024


We've all heard someone claim that the internet has made the world smaller, but it's fair to say that online dating highlights the truth behind this cliché as well as anything. But while most people are willing to travel a short journey in the name of romance, a growing number of singles see distance as part of the attraction. CharmDate provides the specific opportunity to start a long distance relationship, but how does it facilitate this tricky process? We felt it was time for a review...

Our review has a clear mission statement – help Western men meet Russian and Ukrainian women for chatting, flirting and, where both singles are interested in taking things further, a relationship. Online dating is evolving to cater for more specific/ niche interests and this site attempts to meet the desire of many men to find a Russian bride, or at least girlfriend. This demand existed long before the internet, with many Russian women keen on the idea of meeting a husband from a different culture and similarly, men from the UK and other English speaking countries interested in the stereotypically beautiful, exotic women from that region of the world. Internet dating simply takes this age old arrangement and simplifies the whole process; meeting, getting to know each other, flirting and even falling in love is all possible without the need to book a flight, never mind go through the process of traveling thousands of miles to a destination where the language, currency and climate are unfamiliar.

Qpid, the company that operates CharmDate, specialise in this area, owning various sites (including a site to meet Asian women and another for Latin American women) that aim to help bring together men who are interested in ladies from certain areas of the world with women that are looking to find far off men. It is clearly an area they excel in, but how does the experience play out for single men in the UK?


How does work?

Our reviewers found the front page of to be informative and well designed. It is clear from the moment you arrive that this isn't your typical site for finding local singles nearby. It boasts “authentic profiles of quality Russian and Ukrainian girls” and claims that cultural barriers are eliminated when using CharmDate's dating service. Before signing up you have the option to view a short video tutorial or read some of the media coverage the site has obtained since it's launch.

Signing up is quick and easy, with the option to join and use the site via laptop, desktop or mobile phone (CharmDate have an app for Android as well as a perfectly fine mobile site). After confirming our email to prove that we are who we say we are, as well as ensuring that we don't miss out on notifications from the site when interested singles get in touch, we're let loose inside.

Continuing the 'not your typical online dating site' experience, two features immediately catch our reviewers' eyes. Firstly, the site offers an in-built Phone Call feature, letting you speak to any woman on the site vocally, rather than via messaging or email. Moreover, there is a WebCam Chat option too, letting you conduct a video call using your device's camera. These are very unusual features to see on a traditional dating website, but their inclusion is obviously very helpful for this specific kind of dating site, as popping out for a quick cuppa together just isn't going to be possible on CharmDate. Meeting and dating is something that has to be carefully planned, so the more personal the interaction, the better chance you have of getting to know each other before taking the decision to travel for that first date. 

Most search options on the site are available for free but when you decide to communicate with members a paid upgrade is required (the site uses a micro-payment credit system letting you pay as you go).


Our conclusion: Should you join

If you're interested in dating Russian speaking women then Charm Date is certainly one to try. The members on the site did at times look too pretty for online dating, but considering this is not a typical online dating experience we're willing to give the Charm Date the benefit of the doubt. The company track record, combined with the aforementioned use of technology to help users get to know each other as intimately as possibly without having to meet, shows care and consideration for its single members and that's a huge plus. However, please also make sure to check out other Russian Dating Sites and keep in mind that is a site to find serious love and relationship. If you are just looking for a hookup with a Russian or Ukrianian woman you may want to sign up on a casual dating site. CasualSexOnly and BeNaughty may be two options you may want to check out. 

Did you make any positive or negative experiences with Please feel free to leave your CharmDate review below. That helps us and other users as well. Thanks a lot! 

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