How to Avoid Miscommunication in Your Relationship


How to Avoid Miscommunication in Your Relationship

If you ask people you know who have recently ended a relationship with a partner about the reasons for the breakup or divorce, most of them will say that it was because of some misunderstanding and there was no serious reason for it.
It's crucial to recall how we interact with our partners. It turns out that texting is the most common way of exchanging information between partners. Instant answers...and that's the problem.

Texting - The best way to misunderstand each other

For example, the tone of a text is often misinterpreted. If we assume the tone is negative and respond with an equally aggressive message, we risk confusing and angering the person on the receiving end.
If the recipient of our text message looks at it and becomes angry because they don't understand why our response was so hostile or sarcastic, they could send us a message reflecting their confusion and anger. You can see how conflict might quickly escalate. Why? Because we immediately jump to conclusions after reading the message.

Stop making assumptions - you have to clarify.

Before getting offended, it's essential to check in with yourself and ask, "Did this person intend to offend me?"
If we are not 100 percent certain that the other person meant to offend us, clarify. For example: Think about the last time you received a confusing text. If you had stopped and asked yourself whether the sender intended to cause offense, would that have changed anything?
What if you asked for clarification instead of automatically assuming the worst? What if you stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, the other person didn't mean to offend you? Doing a follow-up text or phone call can do wonders in figuring out what the original intent was.

Be smart - pause before responding with action.

In today's age of immediacy, we must allow room for reflection. When something bothers us or doesn't sit right, we need to take a step back and understand what is going on more deeply. More often than not, what we need is clarification. Asking for clarification is easy-- simply say: "I got your text, but I wasn't sure what you meant by it. Could you please explain?"

Clarification - smart asking and listening

By taking the time to clarify instead of making assumptions, we open up the opportunity for honest dialogue. Asking questions prevents tension and allows both parties to feel heard. Can you imagine how many divorces and breakups could be avoided if people communicated this way?
We can prevent misunderstandings and hurt feelings by taking the time to seek clarification when needed. Ultimately, this leads to happier relationships all around.

Let's recap

In our fast-paced, instant gratification world, it's easy to jump to conclusions and make assumptions. However, this can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to relationships. To avoid miscommunication and hurt feelings, it's essential to pause and seek clarification.

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