Married Men Speak Out: 5 Things We're Tired of Hearing


Married Men Speak Out: 5 Things We're Tired of Hearing

As a married man, I can tell you that there are some things that I'm just plain tired of hearing. In fact, these things get under my skin so much that I sometimes feel the need to speak out about them.
If you're a married man, I'm sure you can relate. These five things are the most annoying and tiresome things we hear daily. Let's put an end to them once and for all!

"Do You Miss Being Single?"

Questions like "Do you miss being single?" or "Don't you want to cheat on your wife?" can be really annoying, and they often come from people who are well-meaning but just don't get it.
I'm happy with my wife, and I don't miss being single at all. In fact, I love being married—it's the best decision I've ever made. And I can tell you that most married men feel the same way. So please stop asking us these questions because they're just not fair.

"Do You Ever Regret Getting Married?"

You're always so happy. Do you ever regret getting married?"
Seriously? This is one of the most annoying things you can ask a married man. It's like you're trying to find a flaw in our relationship, and there's none. We're happy, and we're in love. We made a commitment, and we're sticking to it.
Why can't you just be happy for us?

"You're Married Now, You Can't Go Out and Do That"

You're married now, so you can't go out and do that anymore.
We've all heard it before—some well-meaning friend or family member giving us that disapproving look. As if we've suddenly turned into a different person now that we're married.
But the thing is, we're still the same people we were before. We just have a different title now. We're still allowed to go out and have fun. We still enjoy spending time with our friends. We still like going on dates.
So please, stop telling us what we can and can't do. We'll make those decisions for ourselves.

"Aren't You Worried Your Wife Is Going to Leave You?"

When you're married, people feel like they can ask you all sorts of personal questions. And one of the most common ones is, "aren't you worried your wife is going to leave you?"
It's a valid question, of course, but it's one that we don't really want to worry about all the time. We're married because we love each other and are committed to staying together for the long haul.
So please, stop asking us this question. We're not going to leave our wife just because we have a few extra gray hairs. We're getting older, and that's natural, and we'll deal with it together.

"How Come You're Not Wearing a Wedding Ring?"

It's the question that married men always hear, and we're tired of it. Do you think we like taking our rings off whenever we go to the gym or run errands?
It may seem small, but when you're constantly being asked about your ring, it starts to wear on you. And it's not just the question itself that's annoying—it's the assumptions that come with it.
People seem to think that if you're not wearing a ring, then you must be single. Or that your wife is frigid or something. It's really frustrating to deal with all of these judgments and assumptions, especially when they come from people who don't even know you.


You're probably tired of hearing the same comments from people who just don't seem to understand what it's like to be married. 
Frankly, it would be great if people would just mind their own business and let us live our lives the way we want. We're happy and content in our marriages, and there's no need to justify that to anyone. So, next time you see a married man, why not just say hello instead of asking probing questions? We would definitely appreciate that more.

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