One mistake that you must avoid with women


One mistake that you must avoid with women

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with women is trying to be a "nice guy" rather than a confident man with relaxed courage. This blunder ruins a guy's ability to pick up women, date them, have sex with them, and even be in relationships.


Why it's a mistake

"Nice guys" finish last because they're trying to buy women's affection with their niceness or by doing things for women instead of being a strong, self-assured men. Women are attracted to the strength in men and turned off by weakness, so nice guy behavior is actually a turn-off. She expects to see near a man with balls (both in the physical sense and the emotional sense). But if a guy is concerned about what a woman will think if he tells her how he feels or how he wishes to act around her, his confidence will be dampened.


How to avoid this mistake while picking up women

Women find men's strength attractive and are turned off by weakness, so it's crucial to demonstrate your power. Relax and be yourself around her, and don't worry about what she thinks of you. Tell her how you feel and what you want without apology or explanation. Be assertive and go after what you want. Most importantly, don't let her control the situation and your interaction. Otherwise, you will talk to an attractive woman, whom you want to pick up and have sex or build a relationship with, but because you fear the woman's reactions to what you may say or do, you might hold back.


How to avoid it while dating women

When you're dating a woman, you must show your strength. Remember that if a woman goes on a date with a guy, then she is interested in him. In other words - she is open to something potentially happening. It's not guaranteed that she wants to kiss, have sex and start a relationship, but she is open to it. Otherwise - she wouldn't date you.

So, if you want to take things to the next level, whether it's to kiss her, invite her to continue a date at your place, or something else, don't be afraid of her reaction to your words. However, some women will not want to visit a man's home on the first date, which is OK. But in the opposite situation, she would say yes to that because she wants the date to continue, or she wants to get to a kiss or sex, or simply because she wants to get to know you more.


How to avoid it while having sex with women

It's essential to be confident and relaxed when having sex. But very often, men make the same mistake when they start asking a girl for permission to do something he wants during sex. For example, rather than just changing the position, turning her around, bending her over, and giving it to her, he asks her if she wants to change positions. In this case, he fears her reaction to his moves in the bedroom.

Does she like that? Definitely NO. It ruins the natural flow of the sex and the mood overall.

Most women feel the difference between a guy who is always asking her if she wants to change positions or asking her what position she wants to do versus a man who occasionally asks if she wants to do a particular position, but for the most part, he doesn't stop and start talking and discussing during sex. He just does what he wants: he turns her around, he bends her over, he gets on top of her, and so on. Essentially, he does whatever position he wants, and as a result, they get lost in the enjoyment of the sex.

She wants to feel that the man she's having sex with isn't afraid of her potential reactions to how he'll move, what he'll say, how he'll touch her, etc.


Wrap up

Remember, women are attracted to confident men "with balls", who are at ease in their own skin and know what they want. If you can avoid the "nice guy" mistake, let your natural charisma shine through, and you'll be surprised at how much success you have with women.

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