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Uniform Dating

Is Uniform Worth Joining? Please Read UniformDating Review!


There was a time, not so long ago, that this site was one of the best known in the UK online dating landscape. That may have changed as the novelty factor wore off, but is UniformDating still worth a try? We asked our review team to take a look...

Our Review

You remember, right? Those 'Carry on' esque, “Ooh matron” style TV ads with cheeky animated characters urging us to join a dating site for those that fancy men or women in uniform. And join we did, in droves. Just a few years ago you could bet that if you asked a hundred people to name a leading UK dating site for local singles, would be up there with Match at the top of the list. The TV ads got a little more serious, focusing rather on the heroic nature of people that work in the emergency services rather than the Ann Summers fetish angle, and then just seemed to disappear. The company that runs the site (NSI) clearly changed their marketing strategy to focus on internet advertising rather than mainstream TV and radio in order to find singles that wear uniforms, which meant that the brand's mainstream profile started to drop. The site came from more serious beginnings, having been set up by a group of police officers that realised how difficult it can be for those working anti-social hours to find dates and romance. It grew from there but never seemed to know whether it was a quirky site for flirty fun or a place where people that work in uniform could find like minded individuals to chat with and start relationships.

Uniform Dating In The UK

Our online dating review team joined Uniform Dating from various locations (including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast) and it seems that the site still sits somewhere between the two concepts. There are women there that simply want to date a fireman or meet a man in uniform for fun. But there are equally people that would like to get to know singles that work similar jobs, balancing a tiring work schedule with trying to somehow meet new people and have any kind of love life. The point that our internet dating reviews team all agreed on was that it does not matter why there were people using Uniform Dating to meet local singles, what mattered was that they were there – real people, women and men, looking to meet online.

How Many Women Use

The female aspect here is a huge plus point for Anyone that has decided to try online dating and searched through the various site options looking for a woman to date nearby will know that initial search results can be misleading, with many single girls failing to respond to messages because they are no longer single or are just fed up with being bombarded by messages every day. But here is that rare situation, possibly unique, where the single women looking for local dates online just might outnumber the men. This is definitely due to the quirky factor and general concept that men in uniform are sexier. Uniform Dating has real women looking to meet singles and that is massive!

Having lots of singles available to chat with online is important, but so is functionality and usability, even for a dating site for meeting people in uniform. Our uniform dating review team were very complimentary about the overall experience, no matter what device they tested the dating site on. We suppose it makes sense really, if you're going to spend a fortune on television advertising to get your dating site beamed into the homes of millions, then you might as well invest in the product itself. There's plenty of free search options available as part of the trial to help you find the uniform single your looking for in the UK and simple ways to start communicating with the members that catch your eye. There's also some unusual options on their dating site, like Safe Mode.

Our Conclusion: Is A Scam or Worth Joining?

If you're a UK based single looking to meet people in uniform or you wear a uniform yourself, we'd suggest signing up for the free uniform dating trial with a site that is still clearly the leader in its (admittedly small) market.

One last thing – even when you join a busy site like this it's still best to join others. Success in online dating takes some time and effort, which basically means writing a good profile page and joining a few sites to get the best chance of setting up local online dates.

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