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Affair dating Review: The UK's Dating Site for Extramarital Affairs


Humans are wired to seek adventure and excitement, often leading to a desire for novelty and change. It's common to find individuals in committed relationships or marriages seeking extramarital affairs. While some may view this behavior as morally unacceptable, the reality is that many people struggle to resist the allure of exploring new connections and experiences outside of their primary relationships.

Despite the social stigma surrounding affair dating, many individuals are drawn to platforms that offer discreet, safe, and enjoyable ways to connect with others.

Before engaging in extramarital affairs, it is essential to take into consideration the solid emotional ramifications for all individuals involved. Weighing the ethical considerations and potential risks is an absolute prerequisite - yet if you decide to continue forward, Illicit Encounters offers a safe and secretive realm wherein those desires can be explored without worry or stress.


Illicit Encounters is a premier dating platform catering to attached and married individuals seeking extramarital affairs in the UK. Established in 2003, it has earned a reputation as the region's longest-running and largest married dating site. Over 1.5 million individuals in the UK have utilized the platform to explore their desires and connect with like-minded individuals.

The platform provides a safe and discreet space for individuals to explore their desires for romance outside their serious relationships. This can range from a full-blown affair to occasional flirtatious chats or coffee dates. With a balanced ratio of female to male members (46:54), the site strives to ensure equal opportunities for both genders to find their perfect match. Moreover, Illicit Encounters prides itself on its strict anonymity and safety policies, safeguarding the privacy of its members and preventing any information sharing with other dating websites. 

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Illicit Encounters Sign Up

Illicit Encounters provides a quick and hassle-free registration process that takes 7 to 10 minutes to complete. Upon signing up, you do not need to verify your account through email or phone, nor are you required to share your social media accounts. However, you need to ensure your profile is approved before you can use the site's features.

During registration, you will be asked to provide basic details such as your gender, the gender of the person you are looking for, username and password, and the source where you learned about the site. You can choose a photo from their recommended images or upload one later. You also need to confirm that you are over 21 years old and agree to their 'Terms of Service.'

The next step involves creating your profile, where you can provide basic information, including your appearance, the kind of relationship you seek, and your interests. Note that your profile should not include contact details, inappropriate language, or sexual references.

Once your profile is approved, you can use the site's features and connect with other members.

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Unique features of

Illicit Encounters is not your typical dating site, and it has exciting and innovative features that make finding a compatible partner easy and hassle-free. One of the most popular features is Matchfinder, which presents you with profiles that match your dream date based on your personality and physical characteristics.

With Matchfinder, you no longer have to waste hours sifting through profiles. Instead, you get the most compatible profiles presented to you instantly.

Another fantastic feature of Illicit Encounters is the ability to send virtual gifts to your potential date. The site offers a wide range of creative virtual gifts, including glasses of champagne, chocolates, flowers, and stuffed animals. These virtual gifts are a great way to impress someone and show them that you're interested.

For those who value privacy, the site offers the Invisible Mode feature. This feature allows you to browse the site without appearing in search results or letting other users know you're online. Illicit Encounters lets you choose which photos remain private with the password-protected, secure albums feature. This feature ensures that only those you grant access to will see your images.

When you need time off from your website, leverage the 'Holiday Mode' feature. With this helpful tool, you can grant yourself a break for up to three weeks without having to delete your account and start anew when it's over; suspend the profile temporarily until you are ready to return!

Perfect for those always on the move, Illicit Encounters offers Ready-Made Messages and Automated Replies - making it easy to save wit and cleverness as templates with just a single click. Additionally, you can create automated replies so that no link is lost when someone messages you, even if your busy life takes over!

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Free vs. Paid Membership: Exploring the Benefits and Limitations

Illicit Encounters offers two different membership options: free trial mode and paid membership.

The free trial mode allows users to create a profile, upload photos, search for members, and even send virtual kisses to show interest. This option is excellent for those just starting to explore the site and want to get a feel for how it works. However, it's worth noting that some of the more advanced features are not available in the free trial mode.

On the other hand, the paid membership offers a range of benefits, including the ability to send and read messages, hide your profile from "Who's Online," and access holiday and invisible mode.

Paid members can also take advantage of the auto-responders and prepared response features.

In summary, while the free trial mode is a great way to test the site's basic features, the paid membership offers a more comprehensive and advanced experience.

Our Verdict on

Based on the data, Illicit Encounters can be a great option for married people over 30 who live in the UK and Ireland and want to have a sneaky affair without their husband or wife finding out. The almost equal gender balance of 46% women and 54% men is also a plus; women can send free messages. However, the fact that men must pay to send messages may be a drawback for some users. Additionally, Illicit Encounters is unsuitable for those looking for people between 18 to 25 years of age, as most users are 33 to 55 years old. Another downside is that there is no Illicit Encounters app. Overall, if you are in the target audience and are okay with paying for messaging privileges, Illicit Encounters can be a great platform to find like-minded individuals looking for hookups.

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