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Hookup - Is it a legit hookup dating site?


If you’re only looking for sex and you’re based in the UK, then this site is clearly a good place to start. But is it a hook up site that works? Our expert casual dating reviewers took a closer look…

Our Review

When arriving at the UK website, you will know pretty quickly whether this is the sex search site for you. The messaging and imagery tell a clear story - this is a British online dating site for people that want fast sex, no strings attached and no commitments. It’s a positive start for customers as it lets you know immediately from ‘page one’ that the only people who would ever sign up to join this sex website are people looking for fast one night stands.

It’s not as sleek as we would like, it has to be said. It does feel a little like you’re on a local hookup site that’s been around for a while and might be in need of a lick of paint or some sprucing up. But generally, that’s not a bad thing - dating sites that can stand the test of time (in what is a very, very crowded market) must be doing something right. So we keep the faith and sign up. 

9.0 Visit the site

How does work? 

The quick registration lets you inside faster than you can say “I want to find sex in London” and once you're in there’s the option to add additional details about what you're looking for from, before deciding if you’d like to try the free trial or go straight for the VIP experience. The choices for profile additions vary from indicating that you’re after simple 'hookups' to acquiring 'women's lingerie’, reinforcing the point that this is a UK hookup site for singles looking for naughty fun and filthy NSA liaisons. It’s worth reminding our readers that it’s a good plan to add as much as you can on what you’re looking for to allow the search algorithm to work its magic, assuming there are enough lads and birds actually using the site (which we’ll come to later). Often people sign up to naughty sex sites like 4SexOnly and don't take a few moments to complete an online dating profile before complaining that the didn’t get any interest or find what they were looking for. A bit silly, really, like being given a menu in a restaurant, not ordering and expecting the waiter to bring you anything at all, let alone the delicious hot crumpet you were after in the first place! - It does not look beautiful but does it at least work? 

In terms of user experience and the way the site runs, it’s more or less what you’d hope for. Again, it’s worth mentioning here that isn’t the most aesthetically beautiful site you’ll use (some more modern options are for example and, but we imagine most of you care more about the results - finding a shag - than how pretty the site is. The key thing is that the simple design means that it operates fine on any device (mobiles, tablets, laptops, apple, android, etc) and isn’t complicated or glitchy. There are a bunch of features to help your search for local hotties in Scotland, England, Ireland or Wales. There’s even a naughty poll that you can vote in, the option to write blogs on the site about the hot nights of passion you set up online and the usual suggested user matches that you’ll expect if you’ve used NSA hookup sites for finding sex tonight in the UK before.

4SexOnly Review

The free version of the site is a good option if you’re not in a rush for sex but we felt confident after a bit of browsing to accept a very reasonable offer for the full experience, only costing a few quid and opening the doors to full communication on the online hookup site. We were intrigued to see whether the fair amount of buzz and local flirting activity on the hookup site would disappear when we paid and felt it only right to splash out in order to conduct a fuller 4sexonly dating site review.

9.0 Visit the site

Our conlusion: Is worth joining? 

As with most British based NSA hookup websites, the full ‘VIP’ package gives you the chance to send and read full messages on, access local sex events as well as other benefits to the experience of browsing naughty profiles. The main thing is that the UK version of the site is busy, with plenty of female members (always a problem in our top UK casual dating site reviews) that sometimes reply, and sometimes do not. As ever, finding a local one night stand with a slutty slag in your area is a patience game, but at least on this NSA site the patience pays off.

As always, the key to finding girls for sex nearby is to be open to trying different sites to see what works best in your location. Good luck!

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