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The UK adult online dating market may be bursting at the seams, but once in a while we find a site that somehow manages to stand out above all of the noise. Still, it's no surprise that we still get asked whether, even on the best online hookup sites, it's really possible to find local sex tonight? Do hookup sites actually work as a genuine way to get lucky? Read on to find out...


If you're anything like our casual dating review team members, you'll be just about fed up of joining sex dating sites to end up frustrated at throwing another few quid down the drain. But for us, that's part and parcel of being a leading dating reviews website – it's our job to separate the wheat from the chaff and identify the few (and there are only a few) great hookup dating options to report to our faithful readers.

That's why it's great to be able to say with confidence that one such site is, a casual dating option that ticks a lot of important boxes, includes a “Sex Date Guarantee” and had our UK review team rather excitable that it's still possible, in the year 2018 no less, to be pleasantly surprised by a hookup dating site! I Am Horny is not a completely new hook up option per se, but it isn't very prominent or overly marketed so you'll be forgiven for thinking, “great site name but why don't I know it?”. Well, it's almost as if I Am Horny focuses on making sure the user experience is rewarding, rather than just thinking about bringing people to the site through annoying ads that promise sex in minutes and deliver nothing in months. The fact that this adult dating website operates somewhat below the surface is a blessing, as anyone using it really has to know what they're looking for in order to find it, which means less time wasters and more chance of getting to meet people looking for hookups nearby.

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iamhorny review

Despite the underground feel and exclusive nature of the site, it was still surprisingly busy in each of the UK locations we tested it in (London, Kent, Essex, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Belfast, Cardiff). Our review team, who are used to using online dating to find local slags and sluts, reported that the search options were both varied and free – a real plus for a site as good as this. Moreover, communication options are plentiful, with everything you need in one place to get chatting to horny women in your area through instant messaging and other means. As far as accessibility is concerned, you can easily use on any device, with our UK dating review team using a combination of laptops, tablets and different mobiles, on both Andoid and iPhone.

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iamhorny review is an excellent option for anyone in the UK looking to find a one night stand online. It's more bite than bark, providing real opportunities to meet sexy singles online for horny fun in your area, without the broken promises that come with other popular sites for finding a UK fuck buddy. It feels a bit like one of these trendy hidden bars that you get in many major cities that rely solely on word of mouth and don't need advertising or neon signs to be busy, they just do what they're meant to and people turn up in their droves. It's the same here, the singles database is far bigger than we expected from a site as low-key as this and that comes down to people finding one night stands on I Am Horny and then telling all of their friends. Yes, it's certainly nice that the casual dating market can still surprise our hardened review team every once in a while.


Let us remind all of you horny UK singles that the key to getting lucky online is to sign up to plenty of top casual dating sites in order to boost your chances to find a hook up in your area. Joining a few top recommended dating sites, coupled with a bit of effort, is the perfect recipe for hot steamy action!

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    our secret chat


    Wham Bam? NO! Just SCAM SCAM. Loads of profiles NONE of which is accessible for contact. Just total chats and nothing else, a real rip off from start to finish.Do NOT sign up for this site they are total robbers.

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