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Mature Dates Review


Your younger days were fun, and you’re not ready to call yourself old, so now it’s time to heat things up a bit. Find a date this weekend that’s sexy engaging and for a nice change, mature and grown up! The allure of mature women is a compelling force, combining both an enticing sensuality and an unmatched wisdom in the realm of romance and pleasure. Such a rare fusion of attributes is seldom found in younger women, thus paving the way for the popularity of milf dating. In the United kingdom, a multitude of online platforms offer vast opportunities for individuals to indulge in countless dates with these experienced women. These platforms promise not just convenience but also a thrilling experience. However, the standard of services isn't uniform across all these mature dating platforms, making it essential to opt for the best. Fear not; our team has done the heavy lifting by evaluating the top cougar dating websites to spare you any mediocre experiences. Today, we spotlight

Diving Deep into stands as an invigorating platform crafted specifically for your cougar dating aspirations in UK. Brimming with an astounding number of profiles featuring captivating older women in pursuit of fun, it guarantees a memorable dating journey. While browsing profiles is open to all, reaching out via messages requires credit purchases. Notably, distinguishes itself from others by avoiding VIP memberships. It leans towards a simplistic design to seamlessly bridge the gap between individuals with shared interests. Credits can also be procured for added benefits. Its significant membership base in UK signals a robust community, including users even from the nation's remotest corners.

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It’s an interesting approach, as it means that anyone who feel they are in the ‘mature’ dating category, whether in the 50s or 60s age range or even below middle age, is welcome on this busy UK dating website. After all, fun usually comes before love, so we suppose it’s also a good place to visit if you’re at the point in life where you’re starting to get fed up of being single in the UK, but you’re also still not quite ready to focus on settling down.

The Registration Process for

Stepping into the world of cougar dating via is as easy as pie. Within minutes, you can sign up by visiting their homepage and filling out the registration form. The process entails sharing essential details such as gender, preferences, age, and a valid email address for verification. Once confirmed, you can flesh out your profile with personal interests and the type of mature partner you desire. After this, the vast universe of awaits, teeming with profiles of intriguing mature women.

Mature Sexy Locals and How Do I Find The Best UK Milf Online Dating Sites?

Mature Dates is a popular online dating site for singles over 30 and singles over 40. It’s general regarded as one of the more fun platforms for finding casual fuck buddies or friends with benefits. Our mature dating reviews team tested the site, as did our casual dating reviews squad, and the site performed pretty well for singles looking for no strings chat and opportunities to meet. The caveat being that we found, overall, some cities in the UK had a lot more frisky singles than others and generally, MatureDates wasn’t quite as successful for getting responses from horny mature ladies or men unless you are looking for meets in cities like London, Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow and Aberdeen singles. Outside of those places, there were less members but still decent levels of interaction.

The site is, as you would expect, easy to join and offers a fairly good free trial to test the dating website for singles over thirty. For the purposes of rating the most popular online dating sites in the UK, we tend to focus on browser based experiences (on mobile devices or laptops), as was the case here. 

With an intuitive search mechanism, simplifies your quest for the perfect mature date. The feature lets users filter based on multiple criteria like age, location, or particular interests. These flexible filters ensure that your search results are bespoke, aligning with your exact desires, making the platform an epitome of seamless and efficient dating.

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Pros and Cons of

Pros offers several convincing features that set it apart in the online dating landscape. The site's principal strength lies in its focus on facilitating connections with mature women, making it ideal for those specifically seeking milf dating. Its user-friendly design and simple navigation eliminate the complexities often associated with online dating platforms. The advanced search functionality is another significant advantage, allowing users to find potential matches based on a wide range of parameters. Furthermore, the abundance of active profiles ensures a vibrant, dynamic dating community.


Despite its many advantages, some aspects of might not be as convincing. The presence of some abandoned or fake profiles, although commonplace in online dating platforms, can diminish user experience. The site's male-to-female ratio is skewed towards men, which might not be ideal for male users. However, its performance in core areas like user matching and regular date facilitation helps to offset these drawbacks.

Does Mature Dating Actually Work?

When it comes to cougar dating in UK, emerges as a trustworthy contender. It prioritizes genuine interactions over bells and whistles. While a few inactive profiles linger, they're vastly outnumbered by active, eager members. It's a stellar platform for those craving a delightful milf dating voyage. Don't hesitate; embark on this journey now!

After testing this dating site and comparing it with other top UK casual dating sites for people over 30, there’s no doubt in our mind that Mature Dates can deliver what singles are looking for once they get slightly older and more fussy about who they’d like to get close up and personal with. As usual, location will play a big part in determining whether this mature dating site will get you a date, or even help you get laid. We’d recommend the free UK dating trial option and going from there.

Many members have voiced their appreciation for, praising its easy navigation and myriad profiles. While some highlight the occasional inactive profiles, the consensus remains that the platform is effective, with active profiles considerably outnumbering the dormant ones.

Bear in mind – it’s best to try multiple dating sites together so you can compare and see which is best for you over a certain period. Leave a review below and help other singles mingle...enjoy!

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  • 2023-04-26 15:23:56, Anonymous (Man, ?)

    Mature Dates


    It is a scam. I ran some simple tests to establish this. The model is to have implausibly attractive women hit on you and even after you get to know them intimately well they will always come up with an excuse not to establish contact off line. The speed of the response is usually instant regardless of the time of day (or night). So a lot of implausibly attractive young women do not actually exist. Beware/avoid getting scammed.

  • 2022-10-23 12:44:14, Richard North (Man, 72)

    Mature dates


    I am becoming increasingly concerned that people may be on this site to generate more and more messages for the benefit of the company.

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