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Shag Review



Is it possible to find a shag online using shag.co.uk? Our casual dating review team had a look to find out…

Popular UK sex meet up site, shag.co.uk, is a sleek website with a crystal clear message. But our hookup reviews team wanted to delve into the platform to see if the members are as sexy as the website is. The domain name couldn’t be any more straightforward, at least – this is not a hub for finding love and romance, this is a dating site for one night stands and getting laid! One thing is for sure, all of the members inside will have no uncertainties about what their fellow online daters are in there for. And that’s half the battle, as any regular internet dater will know, it’s all about managing expectations. Nobody on shag should be there looking for marriage!

As well as being able to sign up super quick and get inside the shag casual dating platform without delay, there’s also a link to an active blog that explores the dating scene in various UK cities, such as the low-down on singles in London, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool, Cardiff, Belfast, Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

Is Shag a Good Hookup Site?

Ultimately though, we’re not here for blogs or slick websites. We’re here to find local sex online as quickly and reliably as possible, with minimal cost and nonsense from scammers or non-genuine users. The strict email verification will certainly keep some of the latter away, while not slowing down the joining process very much (be ready to check your email to get inside). Once you arrive, the simple to use interface continues and it’s soon apparent that there’s a fair amount going on here, with lots of seemingly sex-starved females waiting in various UK hotspots.

shag review

You can do a few things on shag.co.uk without upgrading, for example liking profiles and saving the singles you like most in your favourites list. When you do want to do something that requires an upgrade (we’d suggest making sure that you have local members in your area before doing so and then taking the time to fill out your dating profile with an image, etc) there is a credit system. This is actually quite common on hookup and sex search sites, with the usual secure payment methods offered. It means you can ‘pay as you go’ and provides access to the filthy web cams and direct member messaging systems where the real action happens.

Is Shag.com any good? Our conclusion…

Our dating reviews team tend to find that a lot of popular online hookup sites are globally focused, but shag tends to work best for UK singles trying to find sex online. This specialisation is a good thing if you’re in the UK or traveling there for tourism or business and looking for horny birds to play with. The smooth interface on mobile or web browser is a bonus and if you see local members in your area when you join, we’d certainly suggest giving it a whirl to see if it suits your casual dating needs!

is shag.co.uk a good site

Like any sex dating site, you’ll get out what you put in. So remember to take the time to create a dating profile with an image (gents - not a dick pic!) that shows you in a good light. Send messages that refer to the person’s profile to show them you’re not just copying and pasting. And be patient, as the Guiness ad once said, good things cum to those who wait ;-)

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Shag.co.uk reviews:

  • 2021-07-28 14:39:18, Carlos Moran (Man, 29)

    interesting Shag


    I felt like i was being put on at first and as i was about to quit I got a date, I give shag a thumbs up although hooking up should happen quicker.
  • 2021-07-07 12:32:53, Dave (Man, 40)



    This site is full of scam bots don’t waste your time or money
  • 2021-05-27 15:40:50, Bert Cabron (Man, 44)



    Right at the point i was gonna give up i landed a date, one girl talked lots of bullshit, the other finally met me. She is more shy in person than online so lets see how the second date goes, if i get laid perfect.
  • 2021-03-22 12:28:46, Waste of time and money (Man, 57)

    Waste of time and money


    Avoid this site. No one will meet you .. you will just be strung along with false promises
  • 2021-02-24 22:52:13, Peter (Man, 51)

    Complete Scam


    Like alot of these sites it's full of fake profiles of very beautiful ladies but you're never going to meet any of them. You can usually tell if they're fake if you suggesting chatting for free on Kik, but the usual response is they only access this site and they would prefer to chat on there.... complete and utter scam, stay well clear.
  • 2021-02-07 23:39:11, gary smith (Man, 50)



    thought i would give it ago tried it once and clicked on with in seconds that this site is not as it should be yep it shags you over big time Yep another scam to empty your pockets keep away rip off
  • 2021-02-01 18:32:48, Tony (Man, 55)

    Scam scam scam


    Not one genuine woman on this site full of fake profiles and Bots, the sole purpose is to get you to keep replying to fake messages which you have to buy very expensive credits to do , don’t be fooled this site is a total scam BE WARNED YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR MONEY AND JUST FEEL RIPPED OFF
  • 2021-01-26 10:36:53, John (Man, 49)

    waste of time site


    Like the guys above i have found this site is a con, the sole purpose of which is to relieve you of large sums of cash. Don't waste your time look elsewhere..!
  • 2021-01-17 22:54:29, Tony (Man, 55)

    Scam scam scam


    This site is nothing but fake profiles there with the sole reason to get you to send endless messages that cost a fortune, it is a total rip off don’t I spent over £100 in one day on chatting to what turned out to be fake woman, they seem genuine but obviously they are working for the site to extract as much money as possible from you
  • 2021-01-15 10:22:39, Geoff Arnill (Man, 59)

    Scam, scam, scam.


    I have joined this site. The "Premium" package, is an icon on your picture, 5 emoji's a day, and supposedly a top of the chart billing. I think it's just so the Chat Babe's and chat bots can spot a mark quicker. If you spent Rockefeller's entire fortune, on buying credits to chat, (Which incidentally, diminish at varying rates 10 - 30 credits a post) You will not get to see one other member in the flesh. When I first signed up there was a message in my in box from a "member" saying she saw my profile and thought we would be a good match. I had just arrived and had yet to fill in any of my profile. There are I.D.'s that are listed as being from every region in the UK. The "I'm in the same town as you, let's chat then meet" come on. Look at the I.D. They are in NI, you are in Kent.Profile pictures of porn stars, I had a good chat with Mary Millington. Look her up, if you don't recognize the name. I,D.'s with pictures, I had seen on other "chat" sites, ("Flirty neighbors", "Chattylocals", etc), but at least these sites tell you the profiles are fictitious, and mark them so. Which is every single one. I had one of the handlers talking for twelve hours straight, (poker win) half way through I was handed off to another handler. This was apparent by the change in sintax & lexicon they used. And the fact she didn't know about the geographic area she was supposed to be in. It is beyond my comprehension how "dating reviews" gave it such a high score? They must have told "Shag" who the were, and the site must have paid for everone of the reviewers to chat and then meet an escort. It would have been peanuts from on days takings.
  • 2020-09-24 06:18:14, (, ?)

    Complete scam


    Simple con model unfortunately. Fake women profiles just milking cash from the unsuspecting user with zero prospect of a real meet. They're easy to catch out this site should be banned don't touch with a barge pole
  • 2020-09-15 04:18:15, (, ?)

    Shag Review


    The above site is rubbish! Spent a fortune, not 1 date. Sexy graphic txts with lots of promises, no meet ups. Total scam, wouldn't surprise me it was commission based for women to keep blokes paying, stay away, it is a SCAM! Can't be any plainer.
  • 2020-05-29 20:42:56, Bsrry (Man, 43)

    Shag review


    This site is a scam sight. None of the profiles are real. Please do not be coned. You have to purchase credits to talk but will never be given any contact details. The system does not let you leave email contact details it is incypted.

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