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UK singles have a strong reputation for using internet dating for naughty chat and sex meets, leading to a huge surge in new online dating sites in the country. Today we look at ShagInUK.com to see how it measures up against the rest…

If you’re a UK single looking to flirt online and the chance to hook up for fun, hot flings, then you’ll probably be trying to figure out which UK focused online dating platform is best placed to suit your needs and various sexual urges.
The latest UK internet hook up site to get our British dating site reviews treatment is ShagInUK.com, a modern, stylish looking sex search website that certainly looks the part, but as anyone who uses internet dating to find sex online knows, this doesn’t always mean that it will help you find a shag tonight. You can’t judge a book, and all that.
The site is easy to use and navigate, particularly on the browser version (mob, tablet or laptop) where you can easily gain access through a simple sign up process. It’s got some great functionality that we won’t bore you with listing, but it certainly provides more of a hook up dating experience than many more stablished and well known UK fuckbuddy sites.

shaginuk review

What is the best online dating site for sex in the UK?

Let’s face it, if you’re in London then you’re a little bit spoiled for choice. There are more single people in the city of London than in Scotland or Northern Ireland’s entire country, so sex dates in London or cities like Birmingham aren’t too tricky to find and if you mix effort with a dollop of patience, then you can usually get a bit of slap and tickle before too long when using casual dating platforms. But when you’re talking about dating in Liverpool, finding sex in Southampton or friends with benefits in Brighton, Newcastle, Bangor, Aberdeen or Glasgow, the game changes a little.
Hooking up with sexy UK singles can be tricky the further from London you are and so selecting a dating site that helps you find local singles looking for a shag comes down to the number of naughty hotties looking for flirty fun on any given site.

shaginuk review
ShagInUK is busy and not just in London. We tested Shag In UK across various major UK cities in Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England. The results were stronger than we’ve seen on many other leading UK hookup websites.
What’s more, they provide a sex guarantee, something that you don’t see very often and demonstrates a level of confidence in their product that many, many online dating sites would never be able to boast. The find a shag tonight guarantee, when you look a bit closer, isn’t quite as robust as you would hope, but then the reality is that no online dating website, no matter how busy and full of slags, slappers and players, could ever promise. Ultimately, you can provide a great dating experience, but the ability of the singles dating online in the UK to find a match and arrange a hot, spicy encounter will always come down to the way they interact on the site. And there are a lot of people out there that just don’t get the importance of patience, creating a full profile and putting in a bit of effort (i.e go beyond sending the odd “dick pic” or you’ll get nowhere, guys!).

Is ShagInUK a free casual dating site? Does it work?

As you’ll be told by an attractive half naked blonde when trying to upgrade, lifetime memberships are free but there are charges should you wish to buy extras. As to whether or not ShagInUK.com works, well, that all depends on how much effort you’re willing to put in and how many singles catch your eye when browsing through all the naughty pics. But if you’re willing to give it a shot, our reviews team suggest that the chances of getting a shag in the UK using this site are better than most. Play safe!

shaginuk review

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