Our CDate.co.uk Review



C-Date boasts over 36 million users globally, but how does it perform in the UK? And how many members are actively on the site searching for naughty fun? Our hookup dating reviewers took a look…

Our C-Date.co.uk Review

When it comes to choosing a local UK casual dating website or hook up app to find NSA action there are a few things you look for. One is the brand - in the crowded sex search market most people will go with what they’ve heard of before. The next is testimonials, which C-Date.co.uk has plenty of scrolling along at the bottom of their home page. Other factors include whether there’s a free trial and what details can be found on the female to male members ratio. On all of the above, C-Date ticks the boxes, making it a popular choice that explains their claims that over 25,000 people join the casual dating site every day. With those stats it is one of the top casual dating sites in the UK and can easily compete with CasualSexOnly.com and BeNaughty.co.uk

How Does Cdate.co.uk Work? 

With a sleek interface on any device (and the option of using an apple or android app, if that’s your thing) C-Date makes a positive first impression. The site isn’t overly pornographic but it’s clear for our NSA dating reviews team immediately that this is a site for casual fun rather than searching for love and romance. The site contains plenty of information on success stories and explanations on what the product is there to do, which should in theory ensure that the members inside are all after the same thing - a jolly good rogering without strings attached! The tagline on the site is “Classy dating for one night or more”, alongside a promise of anonymity, discretion and security. One slight surprise from the start point is that there is no mention of gender fluidity, trans or any other ambiguous gender metrics on a site that looks and feels so modern - it’s very much males or females only (with the option of same sex search being as risqué as it gets around sexual preference).

Cdate UK

It doesn’t take long to join C Date and the signing up process is very straightforward, letting you get into the main site to access the free trial within a couple of minutes. With a site claiming this many users (and a 48% female member base) it’s a relief to see the UK site generally reflecting the stats when browsing through the sexy profiles on display inside this particular NSA hookup site.

Our Conlusion: Is Cdate.co.uk A Good Casual Dating Site? 

There are plenty of things to do on the site and different ways to navigate through the search for kinky singles. A lot of development has gone into the member area. Generally, C-Date.co.uk feels like a different kind of casual hookup site. Never has the horny process of looking for a quick shag been so classy and that is something that will suit plenty of people, potentially explaining the high female ration that the site claims to possess. Our top UK casual dating site review team are careful to remind readers that site statistics will depend from city to city depending on where you are in Britain, but C Date is definitely worth checking out and giving a try wherever you are.

Remember, the key to success in the art of finding a slutty slapper to have your wicked way with is to act with patience and spend some time on your profile. That, combined with taking the time to try a host of different NSA dating options will give you the best chance of finding naughty fun soon!


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C-Date.co.uk reviews:

  • 2019-03-10 17:04:54, Dan (Man, 36)

    8/ 10 score


    Not sure why but I joined this site a while back. Cant remember if it was a suggestion from a mate or just clicking an ad somewhere (porno most likely lol) but for my neck of the woods it has a decent number of single birds n its really easy to use, like meerkat simples. Some of the birds are quiet chatty n flirty n that. One of two will send you pics of there snatch if you play youre cards right n 1 or 2 will even be up for meeting. Would prefer it to be free n want more birds but v good site.

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