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The UK discrete dating scene is on the up and up. With internet dating becoming the leading way to meet new people online, it’s no surprise that more naughty, horny people than ever before are looking for something more covert and anonymous. - How does it work? is a meetup site that feels private from the moment you arrive at the first page via your smart phone, tablet device or laptop. The site is smooth and minimalistic, hiding all member images and success stories from unwelcome eyes and saving the good stuff for once you get inside SecretDatingClub’s exclusive members area. Entrance is free but a couple of minutes are needed to choose from the six options that are presented.

The choices you make during the quick sign up process help to shape the nature of the members that you’ll be presented with inside the site, each waiting to enter into some naughty chat and, if you play your cards right, a flirty, discreet meet. Your selections can be changed later, too, from options such as looking for naughty chats to setting up real encounters, opting to meet swinging couples nearby or share kinky, fantasies and role plays with your match.


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The site asks you to confirm your email address by sending you an email. You’ll not be allowed to enter until you access the message, yet another mechanism for ensuring that only serious sex searchers be allowed inside a site that sets anonymity and discretion as its top priority. 

Casual Dating in the UK offers a "Hookup-Guarantee"

The reward for making it through a few quick questions and clicking an email is more than worthwhile. After all, this is one of those very rare hook up dating sites that offer a full guarantee that users on their site will set up dates, offline, with real members nearby or else they will provide a refund. Again, this type of promise would not have been possible ten or even five years ago – this site is taking advantage of the huge surge in horny singles, couples and, in particular, those already in a relationship, that are joining discreet dating sites all over the UK for naughty, secret fun, from Cardiff to Cornwall, Norwich to Newcastle, Aberdeen to Accrington, Belfast to Birmingham, London to Leeds and everywhere in between. 

SecretDatingClub Review

Aside from the impressive hook up guarantee, our sex dating reviews team were also impressed by the sheer number of people that are active on at any time of the day or night, as well as the ability to check who has been browsing your profile while you’ve been offline, whether at work or enjoying a naughty local date with a horny hottie that can’t get enough of your stuff. Review

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Our conclusion: Is worth joining? 

Standard (free) membership is a great way to take an initial test drive the site without having to pay a penny and gives you a good feel for how many locals are waiting to chat about sex in your area. The big downside, however, is that a lot of the profile images can be blurred, but that’s clearly to make sure that the married and otherwise taken members have their identity protected and remain incognito for those who aren’t serious enough to go for the full version. The good news is that the photos and videos – including the naked pics and selfies - are completely visible after you move to one of the three VIP membership options (ranging in price to ensure anyone can afford to get involved in the kinky filth that awaits thereafter!). 

Secret Dating Club

All in all, is ahead of most hook up sites belonging to this growing area of internet dating and for the reasons above and more, we’d recommend giving it a try to see what you think.

It’s worth keeping in mind that our research shows that the more sexy dating site memberships you try out, the more chance you’ll find yourself regular action. It’s all about hooking up with locals nearby and the best way to find like minded kinksters is to look in various places. Good luck!

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  • 2024-04-04 11:48:30, Steve (Man, 42)



    Let me explain why you will probably only waste your time and money here. 1) You can sign up for free but there is nothing you can do without the paid VIP version. The only thing you can see is that you have already received many messages after one day but you can't read them 2) The prices are written misleadingly: 1 month £9.99 * then you go and read the * text and it says: "The weekly prices are shown for the purpose of improved comparability." Comparability, seriously? I guess many people will not read that. 3) Once you pay for VIP you realise with disappointment that those messages were fake. They are sent by the site using the profiles of some people. They say " Check out the profile of this user". This is deceptive, to say the least! 4) Even if you have the VIP membership most pictures are still blurred, and this is disappointing. You can click a button to ask to see the picture, but it simply sends a silly message to the person, like "can I see your picture?". 5) The majority of women here are scammers. Most of them will ask for your email, but others are more subtle and might ask you for an encounter, so, be careful. I have seen a minority (maybe 5%) of profiles that were looking genuine, but I did not get a reply when texted. 6) The only positive note is that when you ask to cancel the subscription they reply promptly. So, you are safe on this side. 7) In conclusion, there is little chance that you will get a date here. Stay away.

  • 2022-05-15 19:42:58, Ian (Man, 53)



    No responses

  • 2021-11-02 22:46:44, Anonymous (Man, ?)

    C -Date


    Absolutely waste of money, was hijacked from another site by a pretty lady, signed up the had to upgrade twice so could video chat, still didn't work.There help desk French couldn't be bothered, disputing with Credit card now

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