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Dating Review 2022


With ten years of UK focused online dating experience, Cupid remains a top option for any single looking for love on these shores. But with a recent update bringing new features and elements, our reviewers decided to take a look and see whether it deserves to remain at the top table of the UK dating industry.


Our dating review team have always found to be a reliable site, despite the fact that it's not as well known as Match (reviewed here) or the similarly named OKCupid. Nevertheless, with plenty of British TV and radio slots over the years, it's managed to gain a large member base across the United Kingdom and Ireland. It's marketing may not have been as prominent as it's competitors, but it's been more focused and put simply – Cupid has always been around. It started off as EasyDate, but had to change it's name due to a legal battle with EasyJet. It was then the flagship site of publicly traded Cupid plc, before it recently became part of NSI Holdings, the company that owns UniformDating, SpeedDater and LoveBeginsAt.


This change in ownership has brought some significant investment and changes - the site itself has been rebranded and changed a lot since we last performed a review. It's modern and sleek, better looking than ever and more user friendly than the competition, with an abundance of new features and added options. The apps, too, are some of the best looking we've tested, guaranteeing a pleasant interface on any device. There are a lot of highlighted success stories featuring couples that have found love on Cupid, which leads us to the biggest question for our review – does this attractive new look Cupid still do what it's designed to, or is it just mutton dressed as lamb? In other words, can local UK based singles find romance on


Before answering that question, our review team had to sign up. Joining is as quick and easy as you'd hope – a few basic questions designed to draw some key info from you in order to automatically populate your dating profile – the 'shop window' for any single person looking for a relationship through online dating. The panel design on makes it simple to navigate, but we know full well that any dating website can be functional, the key is whether it has enough local singles in your area to allow you the chance to find dates online.


When it comes to browsing the single members on Cupid, the search set-up is nice and customisable, allowing you to apply filters like “last online”, “new members” and “distance from me” to help you focus your search for love. Some cool features include “Wingman Barney”, who is your personal dating buddy, by your side (if you want him) suggesting nearby singles and offering you advice along your online dating journey, a nice option for any newbies to internet romance. There are also more innovative search options, allowing you a more rapid browsing/ communication experience, as well as an online dating tips area full of articles to help you set up real dates and guide you as you prepare for that butterfly inducing first romantic meet up!

Another interesting feature worth highlighting is the 'Q-Matching' tab. This is essentially a fairly fast and fun questionnaire that you complete to prompt more efficient match suggestions from the site, based on the way you answer. It's something we've seen on eHarmony and Match Affinity, on a more detailed and serious scale, but Cupid have brought it in as an alternate way to look for love on their site, rather than the main method to find a partner.


Finally, the site offers a “Safe Mode”, where only members who have confirmed and verified their identify are shown in search results. This helps to combat the industry wide issue of scammers and fake profiles and is certainly a good option for those that worry about being able to identify such accounts (although generally they stick out like a sore thumb!). It's another nice touch that shows us how seriously Cupid want to be taken as a leading mainstream dating option.

Overall, we can't help but be impressed by this site. Our chats did lead to some potential dates and the aforementioned site design, plethora of features and good customer service all stand in Cupid's favour. After all, it's those positives that daters are looking for whenever they sign up to a singles site to find love.

Cupid's wings may be struggling to lift it to the level of Match or Tinder, but it should be applauded for reinventing itself and giving it's best shot.


Remember, when you're looking for love & romance it's best to keep your options open – we always recommend signing up to a few sites to find out which have the most active members in your local area. We'd suggest Cupid as one of the sites to try out using this method, particularly if you're based in the UK where the site is at its strongest in terms of user numbers. Good luck!

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  • 2018-04-26 15:34:36, Jessica Smith (Woman, 36)



    Joined three months ago and had seven dates so far. The guys are a lot more respectful on cupid than on apps like tinder, I think because they have to pay something it keeps the quality of members more serious and not just looking for a shag with their boring slack chat! I'm having a lot of fun on the site and really think this could be where I'll find my next relationship... eeek!! haha!

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