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Dating Review & Rating 2022


What is OKCupid?

The UK online dating market is seemingly full of endless free dating apps and websites at the moment. But before the Bumbles and Tinders came along, the UK free dating scene was virtually sewn up by POF and OKCupid, the latter having been one of the top free dating sites globally for some time. If you were wondering how to find love over the internet in the naughties, chances are you tried OKCupid (the website version was established back in 2004). It had a reputation for being quite a cool option, with a less serious tone and non-formal way to add information to your dating profile - OKCupid was one of the first sites to ask you interesting and fun questions during the sign up process and then use that information to populate your profile, rather than leaving you with a big blank “describe yourself” box.

Our UK dating review team were pleased to see that a lot hasn't changed in terms of the feel of the site. OKCupid remains a fun dating site (or app – available on android or iphone) with a laid back feel, while at the same time providing its UK singles with an excellent opportunity to find something real and genuine simply via the fact that it's such a heavily used dating site. We firmly suspect that this strong user base has been achieved due to the playful feel and style of the site rather than simply being down to the cost free nature of the service.

That being said, the creativity does seem to stop there, which is a bit of a pity. The brilliant and innovative methods that OKCupid employ to attract it's users into the experience (and throughout their registration) doesn't continue much further than that, with no focus on interesting new features (e.g location based features) or even much in the way of dating advice. As part of the IAC Group (the dating behemoth that owns Tinder, Match and POF), you'd think that this decision is not a question of limited resources, but a strategic decision not to remove any focus from their members' search for love and romance online.

okcupid review

Is it free?

It won't be a surprise to learn that OK Cupid, like all of the main free dating sites and apps in the UK, offer its users the chance to pay for premium services. However, it's worth reiterating here that the main service is really free. Should you wish to do so, it's possible to pay in order to remove advertising, find out when your messages have been read by the singles that you fancy and run more detailed, advanced searches.

okcupid review

A few other things that our review team felt were worth pointing out about the current UK version of is the design, which might not be important in terms of helping you to meet nearby singles online, but definitely helps the way you use the site and it's ability to find you more dates in a shorter time. The design is sleek, in sharp contrast to some of the other free UK dating sites that sacrifice design and user experience to enable them to offer a completely free internet dating experience. Moreover, OK Cupid claims to be able to “learn” the type of person you're looking for by using the data it accumulates through your searches and the profiles you spend time looking at to suggest local dating matches in a more effective way. From our reviews of OKCupid, it's tricky to say for sure that this intelligent matching system really makes a difference, but our reviewers were optimistic that the date recommendations were better as the weeks went on. The benefits of such a system are obvious, from saving you time to helping you meet people that are really compatible for what you're looking for. One would expect that this algorithm will only improve as time moves on and with well over a decade in the business, OKCupid aren't going anywhere.

okcupid review perhaps doesn't have the 'in vogue' appeal that Tinder, Happn or Bumble boast, but it's still got a lot of things going for it. The history, large member base of serious daters and the social network feel it has (due to it's focus on adding good information about its singles to their dating profiles, rather than concentrating on a superficial image swipe system like its competitors use) all stand in it's favour. For those reasons, our free UK dating sites review team believe it to be an ideal option, as it's for people looking for relationships and love over hookups, while still offering a really cool, easy and fun user experience. Best of all, did we mention that it's free?!


Attention singletons of Great Britain! It's worth signing up to a few different online dating sites to give you a better chance of meeting people in your local area for dates. Why not compare OKCupid's dating site with one of our top recommended UK dating sites? It's free after all!

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    With ten years of UK focused online dating experience, Cupid remains a top option for any single looking for love on these shores. But with a recent update bringing new features and elements, our reviewers decided to take a look and see whether it deserves to remain at the top table of the UK dating industry.

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  • 2018-09-16 16:24:07, Big Ben (Man, 39)

    Fair enough, can't really complain!


    Yes, an accurate review. Bottom line is your getting use of a free site so its never going to be as good as paid sites but there's that old expression about looking a gift horse in the mouth. Google it.
  • 2018-06-27 02:43:48, COOLIO (Man, 36)

    Not the best – far from it actually


    I thought this was meant to be good! If this is good then what is bad thats what im wondering!
  • 2018-06-27 02:41:52, Danny (Man, 38)

    My OK Cupid Review


    Never understood why people use free dating sites. Now I finally tried one my suspicions were confirmed. The people here arent looking for a serious relationship, theyre not committed to the site, they just download it because its free and then never bother to log in. Hardly get any replies and when I do the online romance fizzles out like a sparkler on a summers day. Really dont rate this site at all, 4 out of 10 from me.

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