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FlirtChat.co.uk Review 2022




The problem with looking for love online is that the moment you tell anyone you're looking for something serious, they think you're a prude. Yet if you say you're looking for flirty fun, you're labelled a “player”, or a “loose woman”. It's a real predicament; a balancing act between trying to show that you want to meet someone for a genuine, meaningful relationship and at the same time come across as being up for a laugh and ready to have fun online.

On all the usual top online dating sites in the UK, you're stuck between joining a site like Match (see our Match.com review here) or Cupid.com (Cupid.com review) and being faced with people that, to be completely honest, aren't always going to be a barrel of fun. Sure, these sites work well but they also tend to attract a large number of people seeking marriage rather than understanding that there's nothing wrong with enjoying a few dates before tying the knot. That's why our dating reviews team were pleased to find an internet dating option that sets itself up as being both fun and serious – flirty and relaxed, yet honest and real.

What is FlirtChat?

FlirtChat.co.uk is part of a large network of sites, which instantly provides reassurance that you're signing up to an online dating site that has plenty of people, no matter where in Britain you're searching for singles. Looking for love online doesn't come much easier, especially if you realise that finding true romance in your first few dates is quite unlikely, no matter how great the dating site is. So you might as well enjoy the process, right? It doesn't have to be boring or cringeworthy all the time – even if us Brits aren't typically known for being flirty (unless you count James Bond of course). Why shouldn't an online dating site be cheeky and a little light-hearted (without crossing into the realms of casual / hookupdating, which is a whole other ball park of course)? FlirtChat is more about searching through lots of local singles that are both ready for love AND happy to flirt while they look around, and then arranging real life meets without any pressure or serious commitment early on. Sure, the users on Flirt Chat are there for romance, but that doesn't mean they don't know how flirt! This is 2018 after all and it's high time online dating evolved to match the way modern society finds love offline. Best of all, you can do all of the above on Flirt Chat with the added safety blanket of their ground breaking Date Guarantee – something that our reviewers haven't seen on an internet dating site before. Pretty cool, right?

Features available

In terms of features, the site compares well with other top UK online dating sites. It has a plethora of search options and some excellent and innovative ways to break the ice and start flirting with the members that catch your eye and take your fancy. Moreover, Flirtchat.co.uk works very well, no matter what kind of device your using (we tested on tablets, iphones, android phones and laptops and the results were better than expected). As mentioned the user numbers are good throughout the major cities across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.


In summary, our dating review team really liked the time they spent swapping messages and browsing local singles on Flirt Chat. The site isn't too well known yet, but we expect that to change as more and more people look for alternatives to the tried and tested dating sites of yesteryear. Best of all, a Date Guarantee is something that we would like to see rolled out across all internet dating sites. This is a competitive business, with new sites and apps appearing every day – it's about time one showed enough confidence in their product to offer paying customers a date 'or get your money back' online experience. Well played, FlirtChat!


Remember, it's always best to try different sites together in order to compare user numbers, features and general usability. With a date guarantee, you really have nothing to lose by including Flirt Chat in your top three memberships.

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FlirtChat.co.uk reviews:

  • 2018-09-30 14:43:24, Sean W (Man, 37)

    Anyone else tryin this from up north?


    I'm usnig this from inverness and not getting any were to fast. Sum really nice ladies 2 chat 2 but they all in the main UK citys. I went to aberdeen 4 a date but thats' as close as I can find ppl who wnt 2 meet me.
  • 2018-09-30 14:42:10, S.J. (Man, 36)

    B Grade


    I'm giving flirt chat a generous B. To get an A it would need to have got me more than one date in the last month. At least it works & I should prob spend more time on it but cant up the grade until its proved itself to me. Not there yet but will see how the next month pans out I suppose. Here's hoping!
  • 2018-09-25 16:47:19, Steve (Man, 36)

    One of the best in London


    Good site to use on the go 8/10
  • 2018-07-29 03:08:53, Laura S. (Woman, 35)



    I've used this site on and off for a couple of months. Was a bit miffed last year when I realised that they had deleted all my messages when I had a break for a while, so watch out for that. But mostly ive had good experiences and met some pretty cool guys. Dont get me wrong, guys still send naked pics of themselves for some weird reason! but overall it's as good a site as any.
  • 2018-04-21 05:47:02, Dianne W (Woman, 30)

    I Agree


    Cant really argue with the reviewer here, gets most points right. Ive been using flirtchat.co.uk for a while now so pleased to see I was right to take the 6 months membership. Dianne from Leicester
  • 2018-04-21 05:45:05, Benny S (Man, 39)

    A bit more cheeky, I like it


    Better than the boring standard relationship websites because it has more of a flirty cheeky feel. There is nothing that says dating has to be boring and dull! I'm not looking for true love yet, if it comes along fine but im using online dating for fun so this feels right for me. V. good website

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