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Happn.com Review 2022



Dating apps that use your location (via GPS on your phone) to help you meet local singles for dates in your area are nothing new. Tinder (please see our Tinder review) has been doing this for years, not to mention a whole bunch of other leading UK dating apps. The thing with Happn, however, is that it takes this location based search idea and extends it to include people that you’ve walked or travelled past at some point in your day. The idea being that your true soulmate might be the person you sort of fancy but haven’t yet talked to that you see on your train to work every morning, or the one that works near your office building and catches your eye when you pass during your lunch hour (and admit it, you miss her when she’s not there).

It takes a concept that already feels like it’s in the ‘stalker’ territory even closer to the bone, but our review team generally feel that if you’re really against the location based dating app idea then you can just switch off your GPS or delete the Happn dating app completely. However, if you’re a single person that's used to using your mobile for online dating then chances are this concept is already pretty familiar. Besides, if it can get you better relationship results and help you find more dates online, then maybe it’s not one privacy invasion too many.

happn review

Let's just clarify for a second, Happn tracks it's members' journeys but it does not show real-time locations. I simply let's you know roughly where you 'passed' each other (or at least came within 250m) and a general time scale. From that you can search for singles, free of charge, who you know have been near you recently. In the case of the members that show in your searches regularly, you're able to figure out that the frequently shown members looking for love most likely live, work or exercise near you.

Once you decide to start trying to make contact with the users you feel you'd like to ask out on a date, Happn then comes back to the tried and tested 'likes' method of matching, whereby mutually liking each other's online dating profile (or in the case of Happn, you click a heart symbol on the person's profile) will let you start messaging each other. Again, this helps to prevent spamming or unwanted messages from people you aren't interesting in meeting and remains cost free, which is always nice. If you do get into a chat with someone that won't leave you alone, you can hit the block button to erasure your data from their device and stop them being able to connect with you in the future.

happn review

As you'd expect, the Happn dating experience is available on Android, iPhones and Windows mobile. Having been on the UK online dating market for almost five years, it's mostly bug-free and works well considering all of the geo location and messaging stuff it does. If you do want to splash some cash, you can opt to pay for Happn dating app features such as sending 'charms' to a user that you are interested in and want to speak to without waiting for a mutual heart to be clicked. The object of your affection then receives a push notification from Happn letting them know that you're interested in them, leaving them to decide whether they're interested in sending a reply and entering into a proper chat or not.

happn review

Happn acquired its first million sign ups before the end of their launch year and since then the popular dating app has grown by millions of more singles looking for love and romance online. Provided you aren't put off by the location stuff, it's easy to understand just why it's such a modern and interesting internet dating option, particularly if you live or work in major UK cities like London where you pass so many people every day, ensuring your chances of meeting other Happn daters are increased and you see plenty of local singles showing in your search results. Our dating review team would certainly recommend checking it out, if only to see what the future of online dating may look like.

Remember, the more dating options you give yourself the better. Be willing to try and be willing to wait for results, that's the key to finding a relationship online. Good luck!

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