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eHarmony.com Review & Rating 2022



When looking through lists of the best dating sites, the eHarmony brand is one that almost always features. They've got the advertising budget, global presence, member numbers and even stand out from a noisy dating crowd through their reliance on science to help you meet the person of your dreams. It's this science aspect that makes it so interesting and something that gives them a USP – marketing speak for 'unique selling point' against their dating competitors.

However, there is more to eHarmony than using a scientifically designed questionnaire to match you with singles based on personality. They boast sixteen years of experience in the internet dating market and currently claim responsibility for four hundred and thirty-eight marriages across their two hundred countries of operation every single day. Just think about that for a second... if true, this certainly makes a case for eHarmony being the most effective dating site out there, if you define success in online dating as whether or not you end up married to someone you meet while browsing the singles site for potential relationship suitors.

eharmony review

Returning to the science for a moment, eHarmony's internet dating site was actually founded by a psychologist who believed from the beginning that the use of personality testing would give its members the greatest possible chance at not only establishing a relationship, but doing so with a single person that they are compatible with for the long haul. Although eHarmony are not the only site to use such insight to suggest matches (for example, Chemistry.com use a similar process) they are the best known for it.

eharmony review

The site itself is clear and well presented. The mobile app worked great and we found the internet site to be a smooth and simple user experience too. The key thing to be aware of when you are signing up to eHarmony is that you will need time. In our reviewing experience 99% of online dating sites use the 'quick registration' approach as an advantage to joining, but eHarmony very much take the opposite approach. Their feeling is that people looking for a relationship are willing to spend some time (and money) when they know it's going to boost their chance of finding love. Moreover, there is an argument that those people who are looking for a site that they can get inside fast aren't likely to be as serious or invested in establishing meaningful communication. They're more likely to be the sort of online dater that signs up, writes the bare minimum in their profile and then wonders why they aren't getting replies to their messages.


At eHarmony.co.uk you have no option but to take time and effort in completing their sign up questions and in doing so, adding a psychological profile of yourself onto the site for matching purposes. Let us warn you now, if you try to skip a few questions their system does notice and you're registration will be unsuccessful (yes, one of our reviewers became a little lazy and started clicking random answers – this was picked up)! Other ways you can be rejected include if you are still married (even if separated) or gay (in which case they recommend a different site to join). Beyond that, even when filling in the questionnaire for the full 30-40 minutes, not skipping questions and not falling into the categories mentioned above, it's still possible that the end result can be no matches and no entry, with the site reassuringly telling you not to take it personally! eHarmony aren't just after money, they want the right 'kind' of people on their site and this exclusiveness is another trait that makes eHarmony stand out from the rest of the sites in the industry.


The questionnaire itself is easy enough to complete and after you're inside the main dating site, eHarmony uses your results to suggest matches to you. That's followed by a lot of assistance with initial communication with matches to prevent you worrying about that tricky opening line.

eharmony review

There are lots of articles to read on the site to help you decide whether to join eHarmony for your internet dating needs or not, but when all is said and done your decision will ultimately come down to how much you believe in the benefit of scientific insight. Of our four reviewers, only one started the process with the belief that knowing people's personality can guarantee a successful relationship, but by the end of the eHarmony review each of the others admitted that using physical attraction as the only means of determining a suitable match was not ideal, and so even if the science didn't ensure long lasting love, it couldn't hurt to factor it into the initial meeting process.

eharmony review

Remember UK singles, your chances of finding what you're looking for will be boosted by every site membership you have. Don't scrimp when it comes to relationships, take your time and try different options for the best results ;-)

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eHarmony.com reviews:

  • 2022-01-09 04:46:20, (, ?)



    This site seems to be a very decent site that attracts respectable clientele. However, it does not cater for many people, including myself, who don't drive. There is a minimum 15-mile distance search!! This is not revealed until you ACTUALLY join the site, which lets down what could be an up-and-coming site.
  • 2018-09-16 16:22:46, Cindy (Woman, 51)

    You can see why its so popular it


    just feels more proper than the other sites out there. I like the way it does the matching based on a proper analysis of your answers to their personality test questionnaire thingy. There is more to love than physical attraction so if you want something that will last the distance then I think a site like this is more likely to find you success. I've been divorced so im trying to think more deeply and not just about the superficial stuff. So I do feel that this site will be a lot of use for me, very impressed so far I have to say. Thanks
  • 2018-06-28 15:25:15, Jenny (Woman, 37)



    takes forever to get started. Laptop crashed half way through. Screw that, ill stay single.

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