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Elite Singles Review 2024


There's no doubt that narrowing down your search for love by targeting certain niches and pockets of interest can be a very clever strategy. But what if you were to search for people based not on interests, but intelligence? Our review team took a closer look at Elite Singles...


The more that online dating gains in popularity, quickly becoming the number one way to meet new singles, the more that our dating review team are surprised by the new ways in which dating sites try to provide a certain focus for their members, in an attempt to offer something different from established sites like Match and Cupid. Some areas of focus make a lot of sense; mature dating sites cover silver surfers looking for companionship later in life rather than a grope in the cinema, gay dating sites ensure that you can meet people that match your sexual orientation. But others are a bit more controversial and lead both users and reviewers to wonder whether the site is really trying to provide a better experience, or just gain some extra PR.


One site that has been accused of the latter is, a site aiming to help singles of a certain level of intelligence to find romance and love together. Unsurprisingly, a whole host of immediate questions spring to mind but none more pertinent than this: does IQ really matter then it comes to true love?


Arriving at the main page of, any fears that this is a 'gimmicky' idea without much substance immediately begin to dissipate. The site is full of information and content to back up their unique selling point; articles, user stories, news and much more all focused on the site's commitment to the idea that pooling UK singles together based on their level of intelligence and education has many benefits, including boosting your chances of a long term relationship.


The Elite Singles dating site has an excellent app (available for android and apple devices) that you can log in through after your initial registration on the site. As far as the main site is concerned, you're able to select different national sites after registering that limit the database to people in your country of location. This isn't limited to the UK either, so if you're travelling overseas on holiday or business then you can switch the people you see and speak with accordingly. It surprised our dating review team because we had only heard about the flagship UK dating site, but it shows that Elite Singles are part of a much larger, established group.


After registering you're given a short questionnaire (you can save and exit at any time), which is a little bit different from a lot of the other top UK dating sites we've reviewed. Again, it helps to show that the people behind Elite Singles haven't just created an idea, they're following on to ensure that their members can provide additional information on their level of education and interests. Then this information is used to 'match' you up with other single daters that they believe will fit you, based on the results. It's all multiple choice and fortunately doesn't take too long.


After you've answered their questionnaire, you are provided with a selection of other singles that are looking to meet someone through online dating. Everything to this point is completely free, so you are able to view your matches before deciding whether you feel you should upgrade or not. Upgrading brings a great deal of benefits and essentially allows you to use the site to its full capacity. As well as standard communication, you're able to see who has read your messages, checked your online dating profile and view photos that to this point have been blurred out.


OK, so there is a big question here about whether matching intelligence levels can enhance a relationship beyond the initial physical attraction. If you're reading this because you believe in this idea, then we would say you'll enjoy It's busy and reliable, with good features and excellent accessibility.

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