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Dating review 2024


When it comes to choosing an online dating site to help you find romance, it can all be a little daunting. Our review team took the time to review an interesting site that claims to have the answers to help you find a relationship...

It seems that every day there is a new dating site promising you love, romance and passion, forever and free. It's difficult to keep track if you're a seasoned online dater and if you're new to the dating game, the vast amount of choice and uncertainty are enough to make you opt for a solitary life! However, there are occasionally internet dating sites that our review team stumble across, which are both established and decent, yet haven't been given our UK dating review treatment yet.

Is Mingle2Day Worth Joining? is one such site. As part of a large international network of sites it's got the pedigree to make it worth trying out and we found ourselves wondering, after a few days of using the free trial (and then upgrading), why we hadn't reviewed it sooner. With all the niche dating sites out there that focus on anything from sexual orientation to level of education, it's nice to come back and review a site that is a true electronic gathering of people from all walks of life. And who's to say there's anything wrong with a general dating site as opposed to one limited by interests, age or some other pigeonholing mechanism. After all, didn't our parents all meet in groups that were made up of different people? Aren't bars full of a mixture of backgrounds and personalities, and how many relationships begin with a simple “hello” to someone you know nothing about?

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Features Of Mingle2Day

The Mingle 2Day site is both modern and interesting, with one of its key advantages being that it manages to project a more laid back feel on the site. The general theme of mixing, mingling and getting to know people through gathering together is conveyed through relevant messaging, fun imagery, a variety of different search options and a real plethora of members from all different backgrounds.

It's simple to use on any device and although the members area could use a bit of modernisation (which, if nothing else, proves the point about pedigree and length of operation), there is plenty going on inside the site. Our UK online dating review team tend to judge a site based on the number of active users and ease of use rather than fancy functionality, which is only useful if the site itself has enough members to give you a chance at finding love online. Mingle2Day passes the main test with flying colours.

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It's certainly not without good features and functionality either. An apt example would be the different ways you can search and find nearby singles online using the site. It's simple – and indeed free - to run a Quick Search, providing you with a full selection of dating profiles to flick through relating to the area you're in and also, indicating the single members that are currently online and ready to chat with you in real time. Another search option is the Flirt area which provides Tinder like quick picks to choose from, if that's your thing. There's also some free communication options, letting you send out ice-breaker messages to singles that take your fancy.

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Is it free?

Depending on how things have gone with the free trial version of, you can upgrade at any time you feel ready to start using more of the site's main features. This unlocks more concise search filtering possibilities along with a range of cool interaction options, including the opportunity to jump on a video call with someone through the site. The clear advantage of getting to speak 'face to face' with someone is the chance to check compatibility one step beyond that of instant chat, and it's not something our reviewers have seen very often on other platforms, including the many of the so-called top UK dating sites. And let's face it, the video and voice option makes flirting a lot more fun, too!

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Our Conclusion

To sum up our review of Mingle2Day, there's a lot to like about the UK focused version of the platform, to the point where our online dating review team would say it's gone straight into our top mainstream UK dating site list. If you're looking for something that doesn't take finding love too seriously and puts fun first, then it's well worth trying out.


Remember – the more dating sites you join, the better your chance of finding love online

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  • 2019-03-03 14:30:50, Lewis O (Man, 47)

    Not found love yet but livin in hope ha ha!


    Had 3 dates, 1 second date, 0 relationships yet ha ha! Read somewhere that someone got married after using this site so staying with it because you never know when THE ONE will appear in your life. The more options the better ha ha

  • 2018-08-25 11:08:23, Kevin Roomer (Man, 40)

    7 / 10 level dating sitel


    Mingle 2 day is not perfect but im finding it to be a good companion site to use with the other dating sites I like. The people on the site are definitely real people and theirs plenty in my area (I usually search up to 20 miles away). Im not super busy with it but I guess no dating site will get me dates every night of the week (couldnt afford that any way lolz) so im happy using it for now.

  • 2018-08-25 11:06:34, Simon W. (Man, 39)




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