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Dating Review 2022


The first thing that can be said in favour of from a UK dating point of view is the fact that unlike so many other sites, they make it clear from the start that they are focused on the UK online dating scene. On one hand, this limits their reach in what is an increasingly small world full of singles looking for love and romance, but one the other hand, it means that the majority of their energy goes into providing a dating experience that is tailored for UK singles.

When you arrive at the front page of Lovestruck's online dating site, this UK dating focus is apparent with the proudly positioned recent UK Dating Award win icon and plenty of content that mentions their main cities of interest; London, Manchester, Belfast, Glasgow, Newcastle, Birmingham, etc. It's not that they don't offer online dating for other countries outside the UK – they do – it's just that Lovestruck are an unashamedly UK dating company, and we like that.

Another thing our review team like about the front page is the content and tone. It's not too much, like some mainstream dating sites, and not too little either. There's information on how seriously LoveStruck dating take the profile validation process, success stories to show that their dating site does actually work, first date ideas (including Lovestruck's very own dating events) and a terrific dating blog, packed full of dating advice and information for anyone starting their online dating journey and unsure about how to meet women or men online.

Signing up to Lovestruck dating is quick and easy, as you would expect from a top UK dating site. The process is slightly different from other traditional dating sites for people looking for love online, as you are prompted to verify yourself via SMS. Rather than seeing this as a barrier, our dating review specialists were pleasantly surprised by this requirement. Every online dating site has a problem with non-genuine and scammer profiles being created, so its refreshing to see an internet romance website adding something to try and prevent this from the start of the sign up process, even if it causes some potential customers to drop off from having to put in some effort (after all, they probably aren't the kind of singles that Lovestruck want on the site anyway but if it's really an issue, it can be skipped). Being verified let's you use the site properly but it also lets potential dates see that you have passed through this process.

Love Struck's dating members area is a nice interface, available on any device (including apps for android and apple). The main navigation area shows the usual suspects; the ability to search, view messages, etc, as well as some more innovative tabs, such as the Matchmaking area that offers a free trial for a more personalised dating experience that includes coaching and guidance from dating experts. They also have an events tab, showcasing different events they are running, as well as the ability to check popular first date ideas when you are browsing single members' dating profiles on the site, with an easy option to ask the person you fancy out on that particular date at the click of a button. Such features really make Lovestruck stand out from the rest of the online dating crowd because it shows that they're keen to simplify the online dating process for their singles. It's more evolution than revolution, but our dating review team felt that it was nice to see.

You can search for locals looking for love and chat with the singles on Lovestruck as you would on any other site (provided you've verified your profile). The number of UK single women and men looking for romance online via Lovestruck is high, partly because it is well marketed across the UK and partly because it's, quite simply, a good site. For that reason, our dating review experts feel that if you're wondering how to meet new people online and haven't given Lovestruck a try yet, it's definitely worth signing up and running some searches for singles nearby.

As always, remember that you shouldn't limit yourself to just one dating site membership. Finding a partner through online dating takes time and effort, just like anything worth doing. We recommend that you use multiple sites to find the best one for you. Good luck!


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